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Key issues


Be cautious of advertisements and quotes in magazines' saying the author of the particular article is "Surgeon to the Stars". This may well be a paid for advertorial

The majority of qualified experienced surgeons do not need to advertise, they just require their proven reputations, although most practitioners have websites to facilitate patient contact and information.
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Beware the dangers which can lurk in forums and chat rooms.

There has been much recent publicity about this topic, primarily linked to the fact that you can never be absolutely sure who you are chatting to. Are they really who they say they are? Is the advice they are giving based on real knowledge and experience? Or are they just an individual or unscrupulous company out for private gain with no consideration for the patient's wellbeing?

The best precaution is to only trust web sites or chat rooms that offer you their address and phone number rather than email contact only. Establish this before you sign up, give your details and bare your soul. Explore the site; look around pages with titles such as "Key Issues" and "Who We Are" for information that tells you who you are dealing with. Remember that Internet and magazine articles may be based on descriptions of the personal opinions and experiences of the author, whereas your circumstances may be quite different.
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Why does PAS only work with a small group of surgeons?

We work only with surgeons or specialist whom we have found to be most appropriate to our current patients' needs in terms of their proven professional abilities and accreditation. It is true that the group of approved surgeons is by definition, select. However, we address each person's requirements individually and therefore, if a prospective patient comes along whose needs, in our opinion, cannot be satisfactorily met by one or more of our currently listed surgeons, we will always make specific investigations to identify other suitable surgeons for that client to consider.

In this respect, our list can be extended at any time. Equally, if any of our currently recommended surgeons should show indications of a decline in his or her quality of service, they will be rapidly removed from our list and replaced!
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How can I use the internet safely?

The Internet is a useful resource offering endless opportunities to inform. Nevertheless, as with any advertising medium, the information offered may be influenced by financial incentives rather than independent clinical advice. Many cosmetic advisory services are, in reality, telesales units and may direct you to the clinic or facility offering the best commission to the advisor rather than the best surgery for you! Here's some guidance on how to tell who you can trust:
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After contact was made for information, did you receive follow up telephone calls offering consultation appointments?

PAS will never call patients unless specifically requested to do so. We recognise your need for privacy and time to carefully consider the information to see if it is right decision for you.
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Were you confident that your advisor was able to answer all of your questions and had a full and thorough understanding of all of your individual concerns and surgical requirements, rather than simply referring you on to a surgeon?

PAS advisors are fully conversant with all aspects of the process from advice pre consultation with your surgeon, through theatre, recovery and aftercare. The team have many years of experience to support you in conjunction with your Consultant's direction following your treatments.
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Following your discharge from hospital, what post procedure support is in place from your advisor?

PAS is contactable 24 hours per day for post-operative patients and can continue to advise you according to your individual needs. If you live within a short distance of London, we can arrange a home visit for dressings/drain removal. This is a complementary service to facilitate your recovery under the direction of your surgeon.
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How do you know that the surgeon is competent and experienced to carry out your operation? Can you rely on qualifications alone?

Although a surgeon may hold all of the necessary qualifications, he/she may or may not have had extensive experience or expertise within your chosen area. For example, a competent breast surgeon may not be your first choice for a Rhinoplasty. PAS only work with surgeons who have a proven track record and a high level of patient satisfaction. We can also put you in touch with previous patients to ensure that you hear a completely patient-focused opinion.
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How can you be confident that you have chosen a reputable service and surgeon?

There are many talented surgeons achieving excellent results. We have chosen a selection of them and established a close working relationship with each of them. It is because they are confident that we keep constantly updated with the latest proven surgical advances that they recognise the invaluable support PAS are able to offer their patients, especially in aiding and speeding the healing process through our close personal attention to patients' post-operative needs.

All patients receive feedback questionnaires following their surgery. This way we monitor the level of patient satisfaction with the results achieved by all surgeons recommended. If it transpired there was any justifiable adverse feedback, we would cease to recommend that particular surgeon or specialist to any further patients.
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Patient Advisory Service (PAS) has been based in Harley St, London since 1997 and selects UK Surgeons or Specialists who consistently deliver high patient satisfaction feedback.

PAS receives no remuneration for information or referrals to Surgeons, Consultants or Specialists.

We get our funding for offering a 24 hr support service to their patients, which may include qualified psychological counseling, clinical duties such as removal of drains, sutures and dressing changes.

There are no fees incurred to patients for pre-procedure research, be it written or verbal information, appointments made to discuss concerns with our senior advisor Joy Parker-Fleming, or post operative home visits.

Patient Advisory Service (PAS) is not associated or connected with any other advisory service.

PAS is not owned wholly or partly by any medical facility, e.g. Doctors, Surgeons, Clinics or Hospitals.