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Eyelift / Eyebag Removal

The normal ageing process involves the stretching of the eyelid skin resulting in excess folds and wrinkles, sagging of the fat around the eye itself and appears as bulges in the upper and lower lids. Heredity is often an important factor when young or middle-aged patients exhibit changes that are usually associated with older age. These patients are used to comments from their friends that they constantly look tired, despite having had a good night's rest.

Although Eyelift/Eyebag removal surgery can correct drooping upper lids and puffy bags below your eyes, it cannot remove crow's feet lines, or eradicate all eyelid creases. Any attempt to do so would invariably require excessive tensioning of the skin, which would result in a downward pulled or staring appearance of the eyelid. Nor does it improve or lift sagging eyebrows. Procedures such as laser skin resurfacing (for lines and wrinkles) and the Brow lift (for sagging eyebrows) are designed for these purposes.

A properly performed Blepharoplasty procedure will brighten the face and restore a more youthful appearance. And while it is true that it can add an upper eyelid crease to Asian eyes, it will not erase evidence of your ethnic or racial heritage.

On the upper eyelids the incision is carried out in the natural crease line that occurs approximately 1 cm above the eyelashes. The incisions may extend into the crow's feet or laughter lines at the outer corners of your eyes. Surgery here is designed to correct both the excess skin and the excess fat. After making the incisions, the excess skin and muscle is trimmed from the upper eyelids together with any fat, which is usually present on the area adjacent to the sides of the nose. The incisions are then closed with very fine sutures.

On the lower eyelids, the technique very much depends on the patient's individual circumstance and requirements. Therefore if the problem is mainly prominent lower bags without excessively loose skin, you may have what is termed as a Transconjuctival Blepharoplasty. In this procedure the incision is made inside your lower eyelid, leaving no visible scar. Alternatively, when loose skin needs to be trimmed, the incision starts underneath the eyelashes and extends 1 cm or so outwards into the crow's feet area. The skin is then lifted upwards and outwards, gently tensioning the area and overlapping skin removed.

Eyelid surgery is performed using either local or general anaesthesia depending on the extent of surgery. In the former, the skin around your eyes will be numbed using an injection. This is usually accompanied by some intravenous sedation to make you feel relaxed and insensitive to pain. In the case of a general anaesthetic you will be completely asleep. The type of anaesthetic suitable for you will be discussed at the time of the consultation.

The Eyelift/Eyebag surgery together is normally carried out under a general anaesthetic, but in most single procedures (uppers or lowers) are commonly performed as a sedation day case procedure.