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Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty/ Tummy Tuck should not be performed to correct obesity.

The decision to have this procedure should only be made after an examination in consultation with your surgeon. If you have loose muscle and excess skin in both the upper and lower abdominal areas with only modest fat deposits you will most likely require a full Abdominoplasty/Tummy tuck. If however you have loose skin confined mainly to the lower abdominal area but have retained good skin and muscle tone above the umbilicus with little or no excess fat, then a "mini tuck" may suffice. Alternatively if this is accompanied by modest excess fat in the upper abdomen then liposuction may be used in conjunction with the "mini tuck" to improve the result. It would be fair to say that the term "mini tuck" is actually a misnomer as the scar is about 10 inches long and cannot be deemed very "mini" therefore most surgeons find that the most pleasing results can really only be achieved by performing a full Abdominoplasty/Tummy tuck.

Following surgery, be prepared for considerable swelling and bruising of the abdomen. This will be even more noticeable if the Abdominoplasty/Tummy tuck was accompanied by Liposuction. The bruising usually lasts app 3/4 weeks. While most of the swelling will have dissipated by this time, some subtle swelling will still be present for up to 3 months.

In addition you will notice that the abdomen will feel firm to touch, particularly along the edges of the incision site. This will be as a result of the normal healing process laying down elements of scar tissue to facilitate healing. When this occurs, massage as instructed by your surgeon will speed up the recovery. It gradually resolves in time but may take a few months to complete. You should expect the sensation to the skin over the lower abdomen to be reduced after surgery. This is as a result of surgical trauma to the nerves in the region. Although this usually recovers in a few months, permanent numbness in the region can ensue. Abdominoplasty/Tummy tuck is usually performed under general anaesthesia (completely asleep). You will require a minimum of one overnight stay at the hospital.

When an Abdominoplasty/Tummy tuck is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon the risks are small, nonetheless, specific complications with this procedure can and do occur. Providing one accepts you must not expect to see results immediately and be aware of the recovery period, the results are pleasing. The procedure will give confidence to the individual and allow you to wear clothes that you found were previously unsuitable. The effects are generally long lasting provided you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.